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  • Flaunting It: Dice il Dr Judith Reisman che la pornografia modifica la struttura fisica del cervello e ti rende un porno-zombie. Il cocktail micidiale è composto da: testosterone, ossitocina, serotonina e dopamina.
  • Brucia Budapest: Bank Dancehall, Aprile 2005.
  • Flaunting It: Mike Tyson is claiming that Club Jenna is trying to get him into the porn movie business.
  • Rocco Siffredi & Girls (Montreal): I, II, III e IV.
  • DJ Bijal has released Sex Sells, a hip-hop mixtape that also contains special features for PC users over 18 years of age: explicit photographs and video footage featuring adult star Julia Bond.
  • Film free, porno pirata: Angel Dark & Simone Peach, Trixi Teen
  • Pam Anderson ♥ Lindsay Lohan: “And I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, the only thing hotter than 2 chicks kissing would be 4 chicks kissing. Or maybe even 5!” And I’d have to agree with you. But then you’d think, “Well then what we really need is 7 hot girls kissing.” But that’s where I draw the line. I’m sorry, but 7 is just too much.”
  • Tanya (from Real World 10) HQ Playboy Pics
  • Soft Crissy Moran: I, II (Thanks Dixler)
  • Bizarre Brasil: Diana Bouth, the Zona de Impacto [Sportv] host is the cover girl for July’s Playboy in Brazil. A second July issue of PLAYBOY will hit newstands with cowgirl Keyla Polizello on the cover.
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